Recent Project - Custom Furniture

One of my favourite parts of my work is creating custom furniture pieces for my clients. Sometimes you just can't find that perfect item in the right size or right fabric/finish. This is where our local and very talented custom furniture builders come in handy! Besides getting exactly what the client is looking for, by custom building you are supporting the local economy and being a little more earth friendly by not shipping from across the country or the globe!

Here is a picture of an ottoman I created for a West Vancouver client's family room. The ottoman is 48" x 60" and upholstered in leather to best withstand the everyday activities of a home with four children. The shelf underneath is perfect for books, magazines and games. Drinks can be set in the center built in tray, and the upholstery is firm enough to set a plate on, yet comfortable enough to grab a seat or put your feet up!

This chaise lounge was custom made for a West Vancouver client's home - I needed a piece that could float in the center of the living room, look good from all sides, and not take up too much space visually. At the same time, it also needed to be comfortable so the correct height and angle of the ends was very important.

This is a walnut entry console designed for a West Vancouver client. The space available for this piece was very specific in its depth and width. The panelling on the walls also determined the best height. Walnut was selected to coordinate with the flooring through out the home.

This is a fabulous love seat! My client had this sitting outside undercover on a lower deck behind her West Vancouver home. I took it to a refinisher and had the frame repaired and refinished a dark chocolate colour, and then to my upholsterer to be recovered in this luxurious smoky purple velvet. Re-upholstering is a great idea if you have a well made piece of furniture - it is possible to really change the look by altering the back, the arms, the cushion style and the legs.

The golden stripe chairs are also custom made - the starting point for this room was the area rug which was already part of my client's collection. I worked with the colours in this rug to create a new look for the room.

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