Painted Floors

Lately, I have been thinking about freshening up my home by painting the floors in the kitchen, living room and dining room.  I have done some online research, and the general consensus seems to be that with proper preparation and patience in the execution, the finished results can be great. 

Before beginning,  I will definitely talk to my painting and hardwood finishing trades to get their opinions.  My lifestyle involves casual entertaining with friends that always includes their dogs coming to visit mine, and this might prove to be a little hard on a painted finish.  Then there are the high heel shoes....

Here are some great examples:

This is a geometric pattern using stain on hardwood from Elle Decor

Also from Elle Decor, this is a stained terracotta tiled floor

 This is fun, rustic and modern at the same time.  Pet friendly??

Another great pattern stained into a hardwood floor.  I love it with the stair runner.

House Beautiful

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