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Friday, I had THE BEST experience shopping for plumbing fixtures and appliances with my San Diego client.  Fixtures Living is like no other shopping experience.  Upon arrival, we were offered cappuccinos, lattes or an Arnold Palmer (lemonade ice tea blend).  As we walked around the showroom assisted by Raychel we were amazed at the vignettes and the product lines available.  Fixtures Living quite smartly had local designers and builders create each of the individual bathroom and kitchens - showcasing not only their personal style, but beautiful tile and lighting available through San Diego suppliers, as well as the plumbing fixtures and appliances available at the showroom.

After narrowing down the style for the faucet and sinks and discussing appliance needs Raychel led us over to the restaurant where lunch was being served for everyone shopping at Living Fixtures on Friday!  Over the course of our lunch two of the owners came over to introduce themselves and refill our Arnold Palmers. 

Fixtures Living has really gone back to basics with their attitude towards customer services and how they treat their employees.  I wouldn't hesitate to refer them more business in the future.

In September they are opening their third store in Costa Mesa.  I can't wait to see it - apparently it is even better (if that is possible).

Exterior of San Diego Store

Love the wood sink

This rock wall is back lit.

These walls are steel with jade(?) carved medallions lit from behind.

Custom stainless steel sink and work area
Restaurant in Fixtures Living

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